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You can't afford to do nothing

Posted by Nigel Wright on 29-Apr-2014 10:15:25
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If you are working on computers that are more than five years old, there’s a good chance they’re running the Microsoft XP operating system, which could now be a serious risk for your firm.

You may have heard about the threat posed to businesses after 8th April 2014, when Microsoft ceased to support XP.  Yet, with many firms still having done nothing to mitigate the risk, the message need to be repeated: upgrade!

Microsoft no longer provides security updates, issue fixes to non-security related problems or offers online technical content updates for XP, as it is discontinuing XP to focus on its newer operating systems.   The legal sector is naturally resistant to change, yet weigh the risk of change against the risk of hackers targeting your system and it’s clear that doing nothing isn’t an option.

Yes, many law firms are worried about cost, disruption and security aspects of a complete IT overhaul; yet there is good news here.  This is where cloud computing comes into its own.  A cloud solution means all system, software and security updates happen automatically as they are all hosted in a super-secure data centre and looked after by specialists who do nothing but look after your hardware and software. Here all the necessary security, updates and license renewals are taken care of, leaving IT directors and business leaders free to focus on strategic issues, while the day to day headaches of IT are taken care of.  Also, with a cloud deployment, there is no capital outlay and pricing models are based on a per-user-per-month basis.

D-Day has now passed, so if you’re running XP you’re running on borrowed time; speak to us as soon as you can.  We’ll run a free IT audit for you and put your mind at ease.   For further information fill out the form on the right or email or call 0845 872 4407

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