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The Law Society's practice notes on Business Continuity

Posted by Nigel Wright on 30-Jun-2014 10:21:06
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Solicitors’ practices need effective business continuity management (BCM) so they can handle their clients’ business if something goes wrong. The Law Society practice notes outlines the essentials of BCM for solicitors and contains links to further help

The following sections of the SRA Code are relevant to this issue:

Chapter 7 Management of your business
There are ten mandatory principles which apply to all those the SRA regulates and to all aspects of practice. The principles can be found in the SRA Handbook. When thinking about how to meet the outcomes in chapter 7 in the Code/Handbook, you must consider the principles which apply across the Handbook including the Code. You should always bear in mind what the ten principles are and use them as your starting point when implementing the outcomes.

Outcome 7.5 requires that practices ‘comply with legislation applicable to your business, including anti-money laundering and data protection legislation.’ IB 7.3 involves ‘identifying and monitoring financial, operational and business continuity risks including complaints, credit risks and exposure, claims under legislation relating to matters such as data protection, IT failures and abuses, and damage to offices.

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