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Secure Messaging – Protecting your clients from fraudsters

Posted by Converge Technology Specialists on 08-Jun-2016 16:35:40

Despite firms’ best efforts to warn their clients of the threat posed by fraudsters, education and policies aren’t fool proof and client’s personal email accounts are often vulnerable to interception. Unfortunately, reports of client funds being redirected have hit the headlines again.

Educating customers and putting in place robust policies are both essential in deterring criminals but aren’t sufficient alone to combat the threat. There is a solution which makes it easy for employees to follow corporate security policies, for administrators to enforce them, and for clients to receive secure communications.

Converge Technology Specialists are advising firms, particularly conveyancers, to use a Secure Messaging Service. This is a private, cloud-based service which allows firms to send confidential emails securely without the need for additional hardware and software for senders and recipients.  The solution seamlessly integrates with your existing email and case management systems, so that your teams can use secure messaging without changing their current way of working.

The client will be notified by email when a new message is available, then simply login to the secure portal to read and respond to the message. The portal can be branded and personalised for your firm.  This additional security mitigates the opportunity of criminals spoofing the firm’s emails to the client and providing bogus account details.  Clients will be reassured that you will only communicate via the secure portal and that you are acting to safeguard their assets.

Converge TS are advising all firms to revisit their cyber security and email protection policies. If you would like to learn more about secure messaging or would like to receive advice on your current protection measures please call Aaron Naisbitt on 0345 872 4400 or email

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