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Trailblazer Leader Spotlight: Bott and Co.

Posted by Converge Technology Specialists on 11-Jul-2016 10:55:59

We recently hosted our Trailblazers Conference and here we cast our spotlight on our Trailblazing leaders and their firms, and how Converge TS has contributed to their success.Paul Hinchliffe


Paul Hinchliffe, Managing Director, Bott & Co.

Featured throughout the media with regular appearances on TV and Radio, Bott & Co have become the most experienced and trusted authority on flight delay compensation right in the UK.  Paul Hinchliffe is Managing Director at Bott & Co, which he co-founded in 2001 with David Bott and Gary Froggatt. Paul leads Operations, IT and Human Resources.  Paul sees his primary role as maintaining and developing the infrastructure necessary to support the firm's key asset - its people - and supporting their commitment to delivering the highest standards of client care.  The firm has used automation to drive productivity and profitability in their high volume business.


How do Converge TS support Bott & Co's high productivity levels?

Converge Technology Specialists provide 24/7 IT support to the 100-people strong consumer rights firm and to its sister company S&G Response, which provides support on accident claims management.  By outsourcing IT support to Converge TS, Bott & Co's in-house team can focus on adding value to the business. In addition, Converge TS has updated Bott & Co's infrastructure hardware and upgraded its disaster recovery planning.


"As an ambitious firm aiming to add 20% to our revenue in the current financial year and growing our headcount, we need to know we have the best technology in place to enable our staff, protect our clients' data and ensure a high level of service.  I am confident that our new technology will help us to achieve this, and to maintain our industry title as one of the most productive personal injury and flight delay firms in the UK."
Susan Luya, Head of IT, Bott & Co.


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