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Converge TS Client Bott and Co Feature in LPM Magazine

Posted by Natalie Fayle on 26-Oct-2018 16:01:14

In this month's LPM magazine Converge TS client Bott and Co, discuss how working with Converge TS has given them the stability to deal with numerous cases on a daily basis.

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Converge TS CEO Nigel Wright Featured in LDC’s Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders

Posted by Natalie Fayle on 01-Oct-2018 15:34:32

Today our CEO, Nigel Wright, has been listed in the LDC’s list of the Top 50 Most Ambitious Leaders. Supported by The Telegraph, the list features the individuals running the UK’s most successful medium-sized businesses.

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Converge TS Feature in LPM Magazine

Posted by Natalie Fayle on 14-Sep-2018 15:54:11

This month's LPM magazine sees Converge TS' CCO Peter Gill discussing how best to deliver your legal software solution on time and within your budget. It also features a discussion with Metamorph Law's Head of IT, Michael McGuire on how Converge TS have supported their growth and strategy. 

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Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud - How Law Firms Can Choose the Right Strategy

Posted by Peter Gill on 12-Sep-2018 11:03:41

Throughout this blog series on Public Cloud, I’ve covered the advantages and disadvantages, along with the myths and realities of utilising a Public Cloud option for your law firm. With many firms now adopting a ‘cloud first’ strategy, and with so many cloud options available, firms must ensure that the IT strategy fits in with the business strategy, therefore future-proofing their firm and driving real bottom-line value.

So, which cloud option to choose? Broadly speaking, there are three options…

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Why Law Firms Should and Shouldn't Use Public Cloud

Posted by Peter Gill on 20-Aug-2018 16:14:49

An increasing number of legal firms are looking to the cloud to deliver cost-efficiencies and flexibility, and many are becoming more confident with providers’ IT security and datacentre compliance capabilities. This shows a marked change in the industry as the cloud market matures and providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS start to offer a secure, viable cloud option to law firms.

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Take A Look At Our Brand New Office

Posted by Natalie Fayle on 10-Aug-2018 09:39:26

Following three years of strong growth and a significant increase in the size of our team, we took the decision to double the size of our office space and redesign it to better suit the needs of our fast-growing team.

We’ve transformed the office, creating a collaborative working space for the technical operations and service delivery team, and last week we welcomed Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotheram, for the official opening.

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Public Cloud - Myth vs Reality

Posted by Peter Gill on 30-Jul-2018 12:11:13

Public Cloud is now the most identifiable example of cloud computing, where a service provider such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, makes resources such as virtual machines, applications or storage on a shared platform, available to a public audience via the internet. 

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Converge TS CCO, Peter Gill, Featured in Briefing Magazine

Posted by Natalie Fayle on 13-Jul-2018 10:36:51

Having recently joined us from Thomson Reuters Elite, Peter Gill talks to Briefing magazine about the impact of recent private equity investment in Converge TS and how this is shaping the future strategy of the company.

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Your Microsoft or Citrix Software May Soon Become End of Life – Plan Your Migration Now

Posted by Natalie Fayle on 15-May-2018 11:31:27

Within the next two years a number Microsoft and Citrix software versions will become ‘end of life’ as they reach the end of their Extended Support period.

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Steps To Stop Your Project From Failing

Posted by Natalie Fayle on 14-May-2018 09:08:33

We share practical tips to get your practice management solution implemented on time and on budget.

Modern Practice Management Systems (PMS) have become essential tools that law firms rely on every day to run their business. Transitioning to a new PMS - or moving an existing one into the cloud - are both complex, intricate exercises, with moving parts, a wide array of stakeholders and no room for project failure. In this article, we’re going to take a look at a couple of the key issues and problems that firms face along the way, and suggest some ways to ensure your project runs smoothly and is delivered on time.

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