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Our CCO Peter has 30 years’ experience of successfully delivering a high quality service offering to law firms throughout Europe. His role involves managing the commercial strategy of the business, overseeing our Sales, Account Management and Marketing teams and driving client satisfaction.
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Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud - How Law Firms Can Choose the Right Strategy

Posted by Peter Gill on 12-Sep-2018 11:03:41

Throughout this blog series on Public Cloud, I’ve covered the advantages and disadvantages, along with the myths and realities of utilising a Public Cloud option for your law firm. With many firms now adopting a ‘cloud first’ strategy, and with so many cloud options available, firms must ensure that the IT strategy fits in with the business strategy, therefore future-proofing their firm and driving real bottom-line value.

So, which cloud option to choose? Broadly speaking, there are three options…

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Why Law Firms Should and Shouldn't Use Public Cloud

Posted by Peter Gill on 20-Aug-2018 16:14:49

An increasing number of legal firms are looking to the cloud to deliver cost-efficiencies and flexibility, and many are becoming more confident with providers’ IT security and datacentre compliance capabilities. This shows a marked change in the industry as the cloud market matures and providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS start to offer a secure, viable cloud option to law firms.

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Public Cloud - Myth vs Reality

Posted by Peter Gill on 30-Jul-2018 12:11:13

Public Cloud is now the most identifiable example of cloud computing, where a service provider such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, makes resources such as virtual machines, applications or storage on a shared platform, available to a public audience via the internet. 

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