Hub - Agile Working

9th November 2020

How To Successfully Adopt Microsoft 365 Within Your Law Firm | Webinar – Watch Now

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) offers many benefits to law firms, from increased collaboration and productivity, to the ability to work in a more agile way in order to deliver services to their clients.

When planning the transition to Microsoft 365, firms need to design their strategy in a way that ensures they get the most from the platform, encouraging user adoption and ensuring that the software is embedded in their way of working – whilst ensuring a solid data protection and security strategy.

This online event is designed for firms who are exploring, or implementing, Microsoft 365. During the session we discuss:

  • How Microsoft 365 can make law firms more productive through collaboration and automation
  • How firms can ensure security when moving to this cloud-based model
  • How firms can protect their data, putting in place a solid risk mitigation strategy