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Business Continuity - 6 Questions you should know the answers to

Posted by Converge Technology Specialists on 12-Sep-2016 12:51:28

Law firms hold a mass of valuable client data and funds, all of which make them a very attractive target for criminals.   As the number of cyber-attacks increase, firms are increasingly at risk of a breach. And it isn’t just cyber-crime that can result in data being lost or compromised.  There’s the risk of physical damage to servers, lost equipment that’s not adequately protected and even human error which could cause system disruption and failure.


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Topics: business continuity, cyber security, disaster recovery

Secure Messaging – Protecting your clients from fraudsters

Posted by Converge Technology Specialists on 08-Jun-2016 16:35:40

Despite firms’ best efforts to warn their clients of the threat posed by fraudsters, education and policies aren’t fool proof and client’s personal email accounts are often vulnerable to interception. Unfortunately, reports of client funds being redirected have hit the headlines again.

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Topics: cyber security, cybercrime

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