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3 ways law firms can improve recruitment and retention

Posted by Converge Technology Specialists on 16-Sep-2016 13:06:00

The recruitment and retention of staff is a challenge facing many law firms.  Those who are successful in this area are combining traditional methods with innovative new approaches to attract the right people to their business.  This was evident at our recent Trailblazers Conference where leaders spoke of the approaches they have taken.  Many have developed award-winning programs and their retention rates are testimony to their success.  In this blog, we bring together thoughts from our Trailblazers and clients and suggest 3 ways to improve recruitment and retention.

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Topics: Flexible working, law firms, recruitment, retention

Talent, leadership and technology are the three pillars of innovation in law firms

Posted by Converge Technology Specialists on 12-Jul-2016 12:26:10

Finding and developing the right talent, enabling productivity through the intelligent use of technology and providing strong leadership were the key factors for innovation identified by the panel of celebrated leaders of trailblazing legal services firms.

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Topics: innovation, law firms, Trailblazers

Flexible working, a question of hard cash

Posted by Converge Technology Specialists on 18-Apr-2016 16:59:16

A Converge TS article, supported by IBM and written by Guy Clapperton

Over the last few years a great deal of words have appeared on the subject of agile working. People talk about quality of life, they talk about the ecology, but at IBM MSP Converge TS we’ve discovered the secret.

It’s all about hard cash. This, we believe, is a good thing.

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Topics: Flexible working, law firms

The cybercrime industry gathers strength daily

Posted by Andrew Taylor on 26-Oct-2015 11:51:39

There are lessons to be learnt for law firms following the sorry tales of the MumsNet and Ashley Madison hacks, explains Andrew Taylor, Technical Director at Converge TS

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Topics: cybercrime, law firms, SRA

Handling your firm’s approach to the big data boom and cybercrime risks

Posted by Converge Technology Specialists on 06-May-2015 09:31:59

Of the many fads and three letter acronyms scattering the annals of the technology odyssey, two have emerged as key components on any CIO’s top 10 list of strategic positions, namely: big data and cybercrime.

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Topics: compliance, cybercrime, law firms, Legal, risk, SRA

RIP Windows 2003 – why law firms need to act now

Posted by Andrew Taylor on 29-Jan-2015 14:11:28

Windows Server 2003 (WS2003) is reaching the end of its lifecycle. Although it will still operate, Microsoft will no longer be supporting it. That means no security updates, no compliance and no support for apps.

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