Cloud is a catch-all term for the delivery of computing services and data storage via the web. You may also have heard of the term ‘hosted solution’ which is the name given to the delivery of this kind of service. It can give businesses greater flexibility, reduce capital outlay and improve the security of data.

In this booklet we set out to answer some of  your questions about Cloud and its impact on  compliance under the law firm’s obligation to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Code  of Conduct, outcomes-focused regulation (OFR), Lexcel Practice Management Standard and data protection.

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Langleys Solicitors Case Study

Langleys Solicitors was introduced to Converge TS when sourcing an IT partner to support with their transition to the LexisNexis Visualfiles Case Management System. They recognised a need to design a new and improved IT architecture to ensure optimum performance of the new software, providing significant efficiencies to the firm. Business continuity and overall security of the firm’s estate were also key drivers for reviewing the current set up.

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The Ultimate Guide To Implementing Your New Law Practice Management Software

A number of widely used practice management software solutions will soon become end of life, after which no further updates or fixes are planned. To ensure you receive the latest functionality and security updates, you'll need to start thinking about your migration plan now. 

The Ultimate Guide To Implementing Your New Law Practice Management Software will walk you through the entire process, covering typical project timelines, how to plan and manage your migration effectively and key stages and milestones.

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BTO Solicitors LLP Case Study

When BTO Solicitors LLP chose to replace their Practice Management software, moving from Envision (Pilgrim Lawsoft) to the Elite 3E suite, they knew they would need to drastically scale up their IT resource.Rather than expand their ageing infrastructure, BTO took the opportunity to modernise their IT and move to a ‘cloud first’ strategy to better achieve their aims. 

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MW Solicitors Case Study

When Chief Information Officer David Fazakerley arrived less than five years ago, the business he took on had 10 offices and 160 staff. Today it has nearly tripled that – 28 offices, with a proportionate increase in revenue to £30m. In this article from Briefing Magazine, David discusses the firm's strategy for ensuring they're protected from disruptions that could have a disastrous impact.

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